Ancients Delayed

I’d been in touch with the fellows in the Esoteric Order, and they’d shipped me a copy of the new Cthulhu Wars faction, the Ancients, to demo at Shux. Unfortunately, the package got delayed by customs, and arrived a few days after Shux. So, I’ve been trying to arrange some games to get a feel for the faction.

Having played against it as Windwalker, that faction gets one benefit and one drawback playing against them. The spellbook that allows everyone to summon their highest cost monster, can help them to get their Gnoph Keh out early, since their cost is directly related to how many you’ve still got in your unit pool. But, they lack a Great Old One, which inhibits hibernation. And the extra power points that their cathedrals provide might make it harder for the Windwalker to get the first player marker.

It’ll be interesting to see how they interact with the Yellow Sign, since that’s the only other faction to share that set of symbols. It seems pretty likely that there will be desecration markers and yellow troops around at least some of the cathedrals. Though if the Yellow Sign will control the gate or not, it’s hard to say.

The Sleeper will enjoy having the Ancients in the game, with his Ancient Sorcery allow him to borrow Dematerialization during the doom phase. Not to mention, getting the Formless Spawns out for free, and speeding up the Death from Below, depending on the timing. 

The Opener loves having the Ancients in the game, because free summoning of the Spawn of Yog Sothoth is a great way to awaken big Yog himself. If the ancients decide to do this first turn, Yog will be on the board and counting as a second gate. Not sure if it’s a great start, but it’s certainly a different option. Or, awaken Yog on turn two, as your 4th gate, after spending your 8 power to move and open two others. You’ll still have 6 power left over to push some mutants through enemy controlled gates for some spellbooks.

These are just the interactions that come to mind. I’m sure there are others I’m missing. 

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