a phone call.

“I need you to help me kill a couch.”

“Right…” There was a long pause. “Exactly how alive is it?”

“Fairly mobile. It managed to maim one person.” A short pause. “Might be others, with something like this, it’s unlikely anyone will report it.”

“Do we have any idea of where it came from, how to kill it or where it is?”

“Best guess, fertility spell gone wrong. As for killing it… Fire. Fire usually works.” There was a quiet sigh from the other end of the phone. “And for current location, the maimed victim was in the alley by the park on 10th.”

“Are we getting paid for this?”

“I can think of one way, but it’s not one you’d go for, so nope.”

“Great. Alright, I’m getting dressed, pick me up at the locker. I’ll need the flare gun and some of the other stuff stashed there.”

“The one on Commercial drive?”

“No, the one down off Main st.”

“It’ll take me 30 to get there.”

“#3425 on the gate to get in.”

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