A military academy, really?

So, this morning I woke up with memories of having taken a giant ant robot out to a military academy, by way of a golf course. While I was out there, I had to deal with a rather hardcore religious ceremony, befriended by some Ukrainian orthodox crew who had some strange rituals of their own, including some strange complicated handshake. The nuns had strange crucified monkey puppets, something that made sense, but confuses me now. Then the giant ants got into a fight with a half dozen other ant robots that had been hidden around the grounds. And then the data was somehow uploaded, despite the military safeguards. At which point it became clear that something strange was going on. Then we found out that the academy was haunted, by something that whispered into the ears of the cadets and influenced them. Except the band, ¬†because they were deaf to it’s whispers, and another group for similar reasons. It had the most influence over the religious types, since they spent plenty of time in silence.

Prior to all this, there was a strange rave in a school, for some sort of planetary alignment. This involved the destruction of many of the facilities in the school, especially the toilets; on every damn floor.

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