30 for 30.

My mother convinced me to get involved with a 30 for 30 challenge. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing an extra 30 minutes of exercise a day, every day. Today, I walked for about an hour, before I headed to work. Unfortunate shoe choice meant I’ve got a strange blister on my left foot today, to go along with the lack of healing I’ve had on the small toe on the right foot.

In theory, it would be nice to have feet that don’t hurt, but I’m not sure how one manages to have that.

In any case, tomorrow morning, I’ll be getting up an hour early, so I can have an hour walk before I head into the office. Thursday, I’ll probably walk over to my parent’s place to visit my grandmother before work.

Looking at the map, it’s about 8-10 Km, depending on which route I take, which is about a 2 hour walk, give or take. Might be a bit much, if my foot is sore. Then again, I might feel up for it. If I plan my route right, I can always take the bus after I’ve had enough of a walk to satisfy the pledge and whatever extra I’m in the mood for.

Also, I’ve apparently lost track of time, as it’s nearly 1 am, and last time I looked at the clock it was quarter to midnight.

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