Weekend update.

So, I’m sitting here, on my “long” weekend, doing nothing much, waiting for the clocks to align so I can proceed. I’m going to be heading down to OV soon to pick up the Van, taking it to the lock up, loading it up with furniture, and then driving that down into a back alley, where people in tattered clothing will drag it down underneath a building and arrange it into a configuration. Afterwards, I’ll return the van where I got it, head home, relax for a bit, then eventually make my way down to said building, be social for a bit, then climb into a tiny car to cross a bridge to fetch the large van again, to repeat said process in reverse. Then I’ll potentially go be social some more, or more likely, go home and rest.

After that, I’ll in theory gather people to play some board games, but more likely nobody will show up. So, I’ll probably manage to play some of the new Mad Max game, which should be entertaining. Or maybe I’ll play something else, or do some more writing.

I’m a bit frustrated right now, over various things. One of those things is the Vancouver Zombiewalk. Yesterday, I once again went into work to avoid attending the event. It was a good thing I did, because a few of the things that came up where things that the weekend staff should probably be able to handle, but haven’t been trained for. Well, I wasn’t really trained for them either, but I managed to figure them out at some point, so I can handle them.

Apparently Zombiewalk went well for the most part; with a few complaints. I could rant about why the whole frustrates me, but then I’d be ranting about contributions and the difference between community focus and ego stroking. The whole thing would just be kinda asinine of me.

I’m a bit frustrated about my dating life, or lack of thereof. I attempt to communicate with people, but it seems like I’m on the wrong page with most people.

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