Thoughts on a rainy day

I’ve noticed that it’s been nearly a week since my last post. Well, I posted something in the meantime, but I posted it elsewhere, so that doesn’t count. It’s felt like a busy week, even though not much has happened.

Mostly I’m killing time until the end of the mouth. Gottacon, over in Victoria. Gaming and socializing. And of course the Portal 2 musical.

And then the following month, Domlander. The current plan is that I’ll get set up with a table where I can write about it live during the show. I’m looking forward to that.

Speaking of writing, I bought a digital copy of Volume 1 of Transmetropolitan. The scene with Spider on the rooftop, that was what I was reminded of, when I was liveblogging at Taboo. Not quite the same impact obvious. Much more similar to his rally against the churches in Volume 2. But, the point was, I had a laptop and my words were going out live. If only I was a glasshole, I’d have his ability to snap pictures on command. Still, the ability to take pictures was rarely vital. His key characteristic was the writing. That and his dedication to the truth.

I’ve been trying to get my friends to read at least Volume 1. Especially my friends over at EroticVancouver; Reive, Mikey, that’d be you.

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  1. sara

    and frankly it was a damn good read 🙂


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