The thing about Tesla

So, someone on my facebook feed posted something about Telsa recently, specifically about the likelihood of the claims of his technology being “snake oil”, and exaggerated over the years. Obviously part of the reason for this is the PR engine that changed the story, both for the positive and the negative, because of the conflict between Telsa and Edison. Add in the whole Pulp culture mad science and the Eco friendly rhetoric, and you end up with quite a tangled history.

Supposedly, Telsa was celibate, and possibly even asexual. I wonder if it is possible that he existed in  a state of what they refer to as Kenjataimu, the state of post-orgasmic clarity. The mental freedom that comes from not being driven by sex is an interesting one. For a while at least, one has the ability to be far more objective than would otherwise be the case. But it fades away with relative swiftness, often faster than the related refractory period. This makes this state of being, hard, if not impossible to maintain.

If someone were to exist in that state, especially if it was one that was created not out of trauma, then their ability to create could potentially be as great as the various fictional accounts of Tesla’s brilliance.

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