The Last Witch Hunter

I think someone once told me that the movie was inspired by Vin Diesel’s D&D character, which is partially why my previous post was about D&D. A quick google shows a whole article/video about that, but since I’m watching the movie right now, I don’t really have the time to actually do the research. Or maybe influenced by?

I’ve heard people say it’s a bad fillm. I’ve watched about 90 minutes of it now, and I’ve been enjoying it. Though some of the themes, especially the wiping out humanity to save the planet and a global plague, feel a little strange. If the bad guy was less cartoonishly evil, there might have been an “Are we the baddies moment?”, which might have made the whole thing more satisfying. Still, it was fun, more than I was expecting.

Having finished it now, I have to say it’s not quite as good as Constantine, but a solid entry in that category.

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