Shadowrun character ideas.

We’ve got our DM back and we are looking at starting a new campaign. I’m a little unsure about what to play, since the characters seem to have a lack of cohesion at this point. We’ve got Katsu, a corporation-raised infiltration man, a mage who is very focused on avoiding conflict, and someone who is considering building a wookie in a winnebago. The latter fellow probably needs a smack upside the head, but the character concepts could work, potentially. Shadowrun is a rich system, and there are many routes to many end results. The same character concept can be made through magic or machinery with roughly equal success. I normally put together a face character, someone who can keep the game moving forward, since I tend to be pretty comfortable with improvising. For the secondary role, I go with either a hacker, or a mage. The problem is, because there are so many build options, I need to have a good concept, or I’ll get lost in different build ideas.

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  1. mogdoll

    Let me know when you are up and running as I would like to sit in and watch/listen. I will wish a certain bloke would join me but I think wishing will be as far as I get. We would have better luck if we promised him a few rounds of Magic but maybe one day I will get a surprise.


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