Well, it’s Tuesday now. I had an interesting weekend at GottaCon. On Sunday night, I got news that my grandmother had injured herself on the stairs, she’d slipped fallen a few stairs. She didn’t break anything, but has a few bruises and is obviously stiff. She’s currently walking with a walker, and will be staying with my uncle for a bit.

We headed back after we heard the news, rather than sticking around for the extra day. During a rush to catch the last ferry, we managed to leave behind a big IKEA bag full of board games, which have since been recovered and are on their way to being returned.

Work has been a bit hectic. The unanswered email pile got a bit large while I was away. And the other guy who was on nights with me tonight, had a bit of an emergency, and hasn’t come in.

Not much longer, and I’ll head home.

I’ll heat up the leftover pizza, crawl into bed, and then come back in tomorrow.

Then Thursday, I’m going for AYEC Lunch, before work.

Unclear about my plans for the weekend, though I’d like to try to get people together for Shadowrun planning on Saturday. Most likely it’ll end up getting botched again, but it’s worth trying.

And in two weeks, I’m heading back to Victoria for Domlander. I’ll be doing some coverage on it for EV.

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